Come What May, Pt. 23

“Ollie! Dream!â€? we hear Peter yell from the table. I roll my eyes, a bit miffed at being disturbed from dancing with Oliver. As much as I shouldn’t even be thinking it, I like dancing so close to him. He cups my chin in his hands. “Oh well, there’ll always be another time. Come on.” We both walk back over to the table. “This club is a bit of a drag, and I’m getting bored. Adam, Will and me want to head over to another one.â€? Adam looks at Peter and opens his mouth as if to protest, then just shuts his mouth and shrugs his shoulders.

“Are you coming, Ollie?â€? Adam asks Oliver. “Unless you’re talking about the one two doors down, no. I’m going back to that one. I stopped in there last time we were here. It’s pretty nice,â€? he responds. Peter scoffs.“Uh, you’re talking about that dark, somber looking place? No, we’re heading someplace else. Dream, you look curious.â€?

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