Come What May, Pt. 24

“Well, yeah, I am. Ollie, what’s the place like?â€? I ask, genuinely interested. “Well, I’d show you, but I assume you’re probably going to head out with Peter, Will, and Adamâ€?, he says, in an obviously hinting tone. He wants me to come with him. Peter falls for it. “Dreamy, if you want to go with Ollie, you can. We’ll just meet back up at the hotel tonight. Just don’t tire yourself out, and don’t be too long.â€? I smile and kiss him. “I won’t, baby.â€? I link arms with Oliver, and we walk out of the club.

It’s a relatively cool, but not cold night outside. We walk two doors down, and we get into the club with no problem. It’s very dark and atmospheric. Everything is black, with little hints of red throughout. It isn’t very loud in here; there is dark, brooding music playing at a comfortable volume. The first floor is full of black leather couches, and most people are either standing around talking or drinking, and others are sitting on the couches.

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