“Are you cold?” I asked while scanning the cases. He looked puzzled. “Or are you fond of candy?” He touched his lips, realizing how purple they were.
“Cold I guess,” he smiled. His voice could’ve put me to sleep. Yes, it was that soothing.
”$56.93. They’re due back Thursday before Midnight.”
“Mel.” He spoke. I looked up in alarm. “Your name tag says ‘Mel’.”
“Oh, well, yeah. My name’s Melinda, but I like Mel better.” He closed his eyes.
“I am Andrew.” Andrew paid me, picked up his movies and walked out the door. What was that about? I couldn’t help it, though. I was smitten.
“I do believe these are due back today.” Andrew Put a canvas bag on the counter. His lips were still purple. My mouth dropped open. There’s no way he watched them all. “What were you researching?” I asked him suspiciously.
“A paper… for English.” Andrew hesitated.
“On vampires?” My eyes narrowed. He glanced at me and walked out of the store. I feared I was rid of him forever. I was wrong.

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