Come What May, Pt. 26

Oliver turns so that he is on his side, and I turn onto my side to face him. “You hate this dress, don’t you?â€? he says, fingering the fabric of my dress. I roll my eyes. “Yes, it’s noisy, and it’s uncomfortable, and-” “And it just isn’t you. I like seeing you in your usual black, nets and leather, â€? he says, still fidgeting with the fabric. “Like youâ€?, I point out to him.

He looks down at my hand, and picks it up. He spreads my fingers out against his. His fingers are long and graceful looking. “Yes, like me. You know, you’ve made this tour quite a bit of fun for me so far. We all really like having you around. It’s going to be weird for me when this all ends. We’re only a few days into this, yet I’m already getting used to being around you everyday, and I’m afraid that when the tour ends, that we’ll grow apart, and we won’t be as close anymore.â€?

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