Come What May, Pt. 27

I squeeze Oliver’s hand in mine. “Oliver, when this tour is over, I will come to see you very, very often. In fact you’ll probably grow tired of seeing me at your door.â€? He laughs. “Oh Dream, I could never tire of you.â€?

I stare at him. He has very full, gorgeous pink lips. “Oliver, I’m not sure if I should be saying this, but you have really nice lips. All of your features are simply beautiful, and that hair is really magnificent. I love curly hairâ€?, I say, tracing his chin with my fingertip. “Thank you. I had a very beautiful Spanish motherâ€?, Oliver says. “Your mother is Spanish?â€? I ask him in a very surprised tone.â€?

“Was. I look a lot like her, with the lips and curly hair. She was dark haired though. But she’s dead now. Has been for many years. My father is a blond haired, blue-eyed, full-blooded Brit… obviously that’s where I get my hair color and eyes from. He ran off after she died. I was only two. My grandmother raised meâ€?.

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