Come What May, Pt. 28

I nod my head as Oliver talks, not quite sure what to say. He continues talking.“My grandmother did everything she could for me. She was the sweetest woman in the entire world. She accepted me, even when she caught me trying on her makeup and wearing her pearls. All she did was ask me in a sweet, calm voice, ‘Ollie, are you gay?’ I just told her ‘Don’t worry mum, I like girls just fine.’”

Oliver pauses for a second. “Oliver, is she…â€? I ask. He clears his throat. “Yes, she died just over a year ago. That’s who I wrote ‘Requiem’ for. I’m just so glad that in the end, I got to give her the life that I always wanted to give her. She didn’t have to work anymore. She wasn’t in our old crummy little flat. I brought the house that I brought just so she could be comfortable. She always wanted a grand house. It feels so big and empty without her in it. But at least she got to die happy.â€?

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