Beautiful Moments

Beatiful moments come along every once in awhile. They’re the most simplistic gaps in time that hold us mesmerized in that brief second. In a real world, they are the thread that mends us back together.

I’m sitting in the city square, watching the luminous sparkle of the fountain splash into the shallow water below in a continuous pattern. In the far off distance I can hear the faint sounds of music coming from an outdoor concert in the park. The melody is sweet and captivating, and it holds me in a trance.

A group of children, parents tagging along in the distance, play around the fountain. They chase and dip their tiny hands into the water, splashing and shrieking with joy. I sit back on the bench, frozen. I can’t stop watching this beautiful dance that nobody will remember come morning.

I don’t want it to end, but I know in my mind that it will be soon. The concert will end, the children will go home, the sun will come up, but I will remember this beautiful moment in life.

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