Come What May, Pt. 30

The screams are deafening as we run through the airport to the limo that is waiting for us. We crash onto the seats in the limo, and a few seconds later, there are girls and photographers outside of the limo, taking pictures and crying and screaming. Oliver is at his window, waving at people. A girl comes up to Will’s window and presses her lips to the window. “Oh, she’s cute,â€? Will says under his breath, and presses his lips to the window where the girl’s are. She screams and passes out. I’m peeking from behind Peter, who is covering me with his coat. As the limo pulls off, we hear the screams die down, and Peter turns around and smiles at me. “You okay, love? Did that scare you?â€? “Yeah, a bit, but it was really excitingâ€?, I reply, in amazement.

“You know, most of this kind of stuff would really freak most girls out, Dream. Yet here you are, for the second time, talking about how exciting it wasâ€?, Oliver says, turning to face me.

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