Come What May, Pt. 32

“Yes pretty boy, they’re crazy about you. They’d do anything you wanted. Anything.â€? Will adds, winking at Oliver. Oliver sighs. “I know that. But I’m just not into it. You see, there’s no love, no connection, no caring. And that, my friend, just takes all of the fun out of it. Now, when there’s emotion and true love…it just means so much more.” Peter laughs at Oliver. “Damn it Ollie, you’re such a girl sometimes.â€?

“That doesn’t make him a girl, dear; that makes him a deep, sensitive, wonderful guyâ€?, I say to Peter, standing up for Oliver. “Oliver, you waste! Do you know how much fun you could be having with those kind of lines?!â€? Will exclaims. Oliver rolls his eyes. “None of you get it. Well, as long as Dream understands me, then it’s okay.â€?

Our eyes meet, and he smiles at me. I smile back at him, and then look away quickly. His eyes are so beautiful that they’re nearly hypnotic. “I understand,” I say to Oliver, then turn away.

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