Come What May, Pt. 34

I’m lying in bed awake later on that night when I start thinking too much. I get up, making sure not to wake Peter, who for once is actually asleep. I’m not exactly feeling my best. I head to the bathroom, and I sit on the rim of the bathtub. I feel nauseous, all because of what I’ve just realized.

I realize that I do, in fact, really care about Oliver, and if given the chance, I could even leave Peter to be with him. He’s so deep, sensitive, and caring. It makes him irresistible. Peter is handsome to a fault, and he loves me, but he is a bit dense and narcissistic.

I’ve only known Oliver for a few weeks now, but I really could leave Peter for him. The thought literally makes me feel sick. I could really screw a lot of things up, and the most frightening thing is that I know that I could have Oliver. I take a deep breath. I just have to hope that the opportunity never presents itself. I don’t think that I could turn that down.

I return to bed. I start to lie down, but then I sit back up.

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