Come What May, Pt. 36

We arrive in Amsterdam, The Netherlands late in the day on September 15th, where we are to stay for five days. We all immediately crash into bed, all except for Peter, of course, who sits up most of the night with a cassette tape player and headphones, letting me get some sleep for most of the night. Then around 4:30 am, he wakes me up with that familiar look in his eyes, and I still end up the next morning tired as if I’d gone yet another nearly sleepless night.

The boys are shooting a video in two days for “Lost in a Dream of Youâ€?, which is one of my favorite songs. I almost pass out when I hear that I’ll get to be around while they’re shooting this video. Today, they’re supposed to be casting four girls for the video. There are to be four girls, dressed as angels, eluding the guys through a foggy forest.

The guys are looking through a stack of photos and profiles. Each of them is supposed to pick a girl. I sit looking out of a window, staring out over the cityscape while I wait for them to finish.

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