Come What May, Pt. 37

Peter chooses a pretty, dark-haired Spanish looking girl. Adam chooses a platinum blond, nymph-like girl, and Will chooses a tall, honey-blond girl. Oliver is still looking, through the stack of pictures, with a look of complete disinterest on his face. “Does it bore you that much, Oliver?â€? Will asks him, smirking. “Yes, it really doesâ€? Oliver replies in a monotone. Finally, he tosses the pictures onto the table. “Well Ollie, did you pick a girl?â€? Adam asks him. Oliver nods.“Yeah, I picked a girl.â€? “Which one?â€? Will asks. I tap him and ask for the stack of photos. The girls are very pretty, and I look through the photos for which girl I think Oliver has chosen.

I come across a picture of a pretty red-headed girl. She is waif-like and otherworldly. This is definitely the girl he’s picked, I think to myself.

Will snaps his fingers in front of Oliver’s face. Evidently, he’s been staring into space, “Well, which one did you choose?”

Oliver looks at me. “Dream.â€?

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