Silence is Foo

“Red spell spells red!”

Fukuyoshi Gemma did not understand what the little green creature named Prokhor Petrovich was going on about this time. Fukuyoshi didn’t have time for this nonsense. His all-time favorite cartoon, “Swing You Sinners” by Dave Fleischer, was currently on his viewscreen, and he had only seen it about 50 million times. A mound of lime Jell-O covered with a crack-glaze of dried whipped cream stood on top of the TV next to a two-liter plastic bottle of Pepsi and a gravy-boat.

Prokhor Petrovich snapped at
him again. “If you don’t eat people, people eat you!”

“I’m busy,” Fukuyoshi said. “Why can’t you bug someone else?

To this, the beast said, “You’re not busy at all.” Prokhor Petrovich lost all patience and then shouted, “Damn me if I don’t have you thrown out of here! Are you aware that…

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