Come What May, Pt. 38

Peter raises his eyebrows at Oliver, and Adam leans forward in his chair to look at his friend. I, unfortunately, fall out of the chair I’ve been leaning back on two legs in. Will, who is sitting closest to me, reaches a hand out to me to help pull me back out of the floor, and pulls me over to sit on his knee. “Dream? As in my girlfriend, Dream?â€? Peter asks Oliver.

“Yeah Pete, I want Dream to be in the video. Look at her. We’re casting girls to play angels. And who better to play an angel than Dream? Besides, the video is called ‘Lost in a Dream of You’. Her name is in the title. She should be in this.â€? Peter shrugs his shoulders. “Well, that makes sense, Ollie. If you want, we can switch girls, and Dream can be my angel and you can have the one I picked-”

“No, Pete. I picked Dream. I want her to be my angel in this videoâ€?, Oliver says, completely serious. I could laugh if I weren’t so shocked. They almost sound like children bickering over a toy. Instead, I just sit there on Will’s knee, stunned.

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