Come What May, Pt. 39

Peter turns to me. “Dream, do you want to do this? Your decision.â€? I don’t answer for a minute. I’m far too shocked. Oliver turns to smile at me. Oh god, that sweet, irresistible, sexy smile. I cannot say no to him, no matter how wrong this is. But…it’s Oliver. I sigh.“Okay, Oliver, I’ll do it.â€?

Wow, for a day, I’m going to get to be Oliver’s girl.

Two days later, we are all in the forest, preparing to shoot the video. I’m sitting in trailer with the band. Being Peter’s girlfriend, I don’t have to share a trailer with the rest of the girls. “So, I basically get to run from Oliver the entire video, looking lost and vacant. How’s my ‘lost and vacant face?’â€?, I ask the guys, making a wide-eyed, clueless expression. “Just do what you see the other girls do, sweetieâ€?, Peter says, cupping my chin. I roll my eyes at him.

“Fly over here for a second, Dreamer,â€? Will commands, beckoning me in his direction. I hop over, making the large white wings on my back move in a flapping motion. The guys laugh at me.

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