Come What May, Pt. 40

Basically, all I have to do is run from Oliver the entire video. At first, all goes as it is supposed to. Oliver chases me and wanders through the fake forest and fog. I dart and run from him, and wander through the forest.

Then Oliver decides to improvise. “I’m going to throw something in.Dream, just follow my lead,â€? Oliver yells out to the director. Why does he have to improvise? I think to myself. The other guys’ scenes went perfectly, no improvising anywhere. Will didn’t even “accidentallyâ€? grope his angel, as I’d expected him to do. But, I don’t protest. I duck behind a tree, just like I’m supposed to, hiding . He isn’t supposed to find me until I dart from behind the tree across his path. Instead, he comes up behind me, and grabs my arm, turning me around so that my back is to the tree and I’m facing him. His face is centimeters from mine, and he leans in slowly, lipsynching the lyric “with kisses soft as whispersâ€?, until his lips touch mine. He kisses me very lightly, and then whispers “Runâ€?.

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