Come What May, Pt. 41

I push Oliver away in mock terror, and run away from him. “Cut!â€? the director yells. I’m almost afraid to look in Peter’s direction. “Did I do it right?â€? I call out to Oliver. “Perfect, Dream!!â€? he yells. I finally look over at Peter, expecting to see his face a new shade of red. Instead, he’s clapping, with an amused look on his face. He runs over to Oliver, and playfully wraps his hands around his neck. Peter begins mock choking him and yells “You kissed my girlfriend, you rat!!! I’ll kill you!!â€? He thinks it’s funny. I let out a sigh of relief.

Later on, we’re all in Adam’s hotel room, with the girls from the video, drinking and smoking and doing a little partying. I notice that Oliver is busy chatting up the beautiful Spanish girl. I feel a tinge of jealousy. No, tinge is putting it a bit lightly. I’m boiling over with jealousy.

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