Come What May, Pt. 43

The next morning, I try to avoid Oliver. That proves to be impossible, since we all have to sit in the same limo transporting us over to the arena that they’ll be playing tonight. Still, I don’t say anything but good morning to him, and I avoid looking at him, even when I know he’s looking at me. Once, I see him heading towards me, and I head off in Peter and Will’s direction. I then have to endure Will’s chat about taking not one, but two of the girls from the video back to his hotel room. It’s around 1pm before Oliver finally gets me alone, during a break in the band’s sound check.

I’m sitting in the front row of seats, right in front of the stage, when Oliver jumps down and sits in the seat beside me. I know it would be a bit conspicuous if I get up and leave just as soon as Oliver sits down beside me, so I just sit there and pick at the black nail polish on my nails.

“Dream, if I knew just what to apologize for, I’d do it, just so you’d start speaking to me again.â€?

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