Come What May, Pt. 44

I decide to play dumb. “Oliver, what are you talking about? I’m just quiet today, that’s all.â€? He shakes his head. “No Dream, you’re pissed off, that’s what you are. And you’ve been pissed at me since last night when I took that girl back to my room.â€?

I sigh. I have absolutely no right to act angry at him, my sweet Oliver, because he’s a single man who took a girl back to his room, and I’m the attached girl fawning over him. “Oliver, I don’t know what’s gotten into to me. I guess I like having all of your attention. It’s really selfish of me. Please forgive me. I’m a spoiled, rich, only child. I’m not used to sharing my spotlight. Can we just forget this?â€? Oliver smiles at me. I take his hand and interlace my fingers through his, and he takes my hand and puts the back of it to his face. “Of course, Dreamy. All is forgotten.â€?

I want to ask him if anything happened between him and the girl, but I bite my tongue. It’s none of my business…although I’m dying to know.

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