Come What May, Pt. 45

The concert that night is awesome as always, after sitting by the side of the stage, watching their performance night by night, I’m still not sick of it. However, tonight Peter has a terrible headache, and soon after the show, he takes a few pain relief pills and two sleeping pills, and goes to sleep. To my surprise, his lack of sleep is actually beginning to take a toll on him, and for the first time he takes the sleeping pills that he was supposed to be taking the entire time.

I look at the clock and sigh. It’s only about 11:30 pm, and I’m nowhere near drifting off to sleep. So, I take it as a perfect opportunity to go to Oliver’s room. I quietly leave our room, and knock on Oliver’s door.

Oliver is at the door seconds later, with his pen and notebook in his hands. “Oh, you’re writing. Do you want to be alone?â€? I ask him politely. “No, Dreamy; please come on in. I love having your company. Your presence will probably inspire me to write even better,” he responds.

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