Come What May, Pt. 46

He pulls me by my arm into his room. I lay back on his bed, and he props his pillow against his headboard, lying back on it. He resumes his writing, and I look over at the page to see what he’s writing. He’s writing a song called “With You Tonightâ€?.

Oliver passes the book to me. “I’m done; do you want to see it?â€? I take the book from him. When I’m done, I pass it back to him. “You’re a master of songwriting. Beautiful, as always.” He blushes, and looks towards the window. “You know, it’s a really nice night out there. Do you want to go for a quick walk?â€?. I’m only in a tiny pair of red bed shorts and a t-shirt. “Yes, that’s a nice idea. Can I borrow one of your jackets?â€? I ask. He passes me a black leather jacket, and I throw it on over my t-shirt.

We walk out of the hotel, and across the street to a beautiful park. There are several winding pathways through the park, amongst the trees. It is very quiet outside, and the park is pretty deserted. We walk as we do often now, arm in arm.

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