Come What May, Pt. 47

Oliver catches me looking at him out of the corner of my eye. “Dream, I feel so close to you. And I feel like it might be wrong to be so close to my band mate’s girlfriend. I mean… Peter is really more to me than just my band mate. He is my friend. Does Peter ever say anything about you and I spending so much time together?â€?

Oddly enough, Peter never says anything negative about it. Instead, he seems to like it. “No. In fact I think he’s rather happy that we’re so close. He even seems amused by it.â€? Oliver looks relieved. “That’s good. I think about that a lot.â€? He looks up. “It’s beginning to rain. This is getting really weird. That’s song I wrote, I mentioned not even minding that it’s raining when I’m with you. And normally, I really hate rain.â€? Then he stops for a second, realizing what he just said. “Uh-oh. Now I guess you know the song is about youâ€?, he says smiling.

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