Bloody tears 3

Truth. A strange looking word. What the hell did it mean? She had once thought it was an absolute – a pure thing, almost divine. Now she thought maybe it was beyond her, dangling midair, out of reach. Suddenly she remembered her boss saying “Your experience and your belief that is your truth.”

“Bullshit .” She looked back down at her datapad and started keying blindly. She couldn’t stand looking at the words anymore and just let her memories flow through her fingertips. The truth? Just words, no purity, no cause.

There was, however, reality. The searing of a bullet tearing through the body. The wierd, brittle ker whmp of a grenade blast in the rocks. The sense of betrayal.

Truth. Reality. Betrayal. It was all a story, it was all real. She clung to the belief that it mattered, that someone, somewhere would read her words and…

And what? There would still be war. There would still be death. Only the reason for killing would change.

Tears ran red down her cheeks.

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