Turns Out

Ever felt like your heart is being squeezed so tight that it might just explode?

Turns out that it’s not where you are but who you’re not with that really matters.

Turns out you might not be loved back. Turns out that it hurts like hell.

Turns out that you should never think about building a future with someone who isn’t going to be there with you, obvious, but painfully true.

Turns out words are just words, they don’t mean anything.

Turns out that you can give everything you have, and someone will take all of it, and then walk away without caring, without regrets.

Turns out that people can move on without warning or caring who they hurt.

Turns out that people are very selfish.

Turns out that people will hide themselves behind anything and everything they can find.

Turns out that people will lie and then lie again and again and again.

Turns out that a serially deceptive people will always stay that way.

Turns out the cynical people had it right all along and that’s quite sad in itself.

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