Conversations in the dark

It was yet another rainy night as he sat at the window with his ear pressed to the cold pipe. Listening to the rush of water as people struggled to raise their collars and cover themselves with the daily paper made him think of biblical flood from the Saturdays at his grandmothers.
“But why did God wash away all the people, Nana?”
“Because human beings are sinful, evil creatures that did not want to follow God’s law. Noah and his family were good people, but the others, well… You’ll discover there are some bad people in this world, sweetheart, real bad.”
He could hear the familiar rapping noise as the water heater turned off down in the basement, and waited for the pipes to come alive as it did each night around 9 ‘o clock.
“Stop it Jeff! Just stop it.”
“Well we can’t just leave him there.”
“Look, I didn’t ask you to kill him. I would’ve done it on my own.”
“No Erica, you would’nt. You’d just let him do it again.”
Tim pulled away from the pipe. Jeff, Jeff Cummings. His sister’s fiance.

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