Begins The Journey

“But there is a little problem..” I begin, choosing my words carefully as to not scare him off.

“Nobody else wants you to kill me, do they?” he asks suspiciously as he does a quick scan of his surroundings.

“No..” I giggle. “But you may have to carry me back to a hospital.” I say, pointing to my burned/shot foot.

“Oh my gaud!” he gasps at the sight of my gruesome foot.

“Oh pshh. Thanks for the support.” I say sarcastically as I roll my eyes, edgefully trying to get on his good side.

“No problem. Well, I can’t exactly leave my girlfriend out here alone, so I guess I’ll have to carry you back to town and hail a taxi. Unless, you would rather limp while I’m miles ahead..” he adds, knowing I’d rather be carried.


He picks me up under my knees with one arm, and holds my head up with the other. I wrap my arms around his suprisingly muscular neck, to help with the weight distribution.

He smiles at me and I smile back, thus beginning the long treacherous journey to town.

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