Yadsmood the Evil Maid

Yadsmood (prounounced yadsma((doomsday spelled backwards))) was one of Ezward’s caretakers. She had been around the mansion for years and all of the other maids, cooks, etc. looked up to her. Beneath the loving grandma-type exterior was the cold soul of a vicious dictator.

She hated the Flubbypusses for many reasons but the main one was that years earlier her mother was in love with Cedric Flubbypuss the first. Cedric loved her but when his father Flubbypuss (he has no first name) found out that his son was in love with a maid he hung her and forced Cedric to watch. Cedric later killed himself before the day when Yadsmood would mystically pop out of her dead mother’s womb and crawl down to the wine cellars where she would grow up by herself.

Yadsmood had actually made this story up just to fuel her hatred for the Flubbypusses because the real reason is extremely stupid. When the news that the sultan and the United Atlantiks were at war reached her all she could do was laugh manically.

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