“Would you mind explaining to me how she burned her foot, and then formed a hole right dab in the center of it?” the doctor asked Shade.

I hate the human kind – so nosy!

“I’m not quite sure how she got the burn, but I know that there was an accident and she got shot in the foot.” he replied in monotone, apparently bored yet annoyed with all the questions.

“Ahh. And she had gotten the bullet out by herself?”

“No.” Shade shot back, starting to play games with the doctor for his own amusement.

“Oh? Then where’s the bullet?”

“It disappeared.” he said, becoming bored with his own game.

“I do believe that is quite impossible. In order for this operation to run smoothly, I need to know if the bullet is in her foot or not.” the doctor said, annoyance growing in his voice also.

“Why don’t I just shoot you instead so we can operate on you?!” Shade mumbled.

“Mmm? Sir, please work with me, I’m trying to help.”

Shade leaned in, pretended to pull something out and threw it in the trash.

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