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Today’s the day, the day of the date. The date’s location is this really cute cafe called Expand. Ty’s date was first at 5:30. Now if were coming late it would be at 5:45. Then Teddy will arrive at 6:15 during Ty’s date and Teddy will see Ty with Brixley, hopefully indicating some form of cheating. It’s kinda confusing but, I think it will work.

We stood in perfect view of Brixley’s table. It was also in perfect view of the enterance so, Teddy can see the both of them right when he walks in. Sammy, Ken, Mitch and I caught it all on video. At about 6:20 Ty and Brixley just started kissing when Teddy walked in. He just saw them and his face fell. “Get away from my girlfriend!” He shouted at Ty. Brixley broke up the kiss and backed away.
“Ohh Baby!” She ran torward Teddy. “He was all over me!” She shriked.
“I was not!” Ty shouted.
“You were to! You jerk!” Teddy yelled.
“She’s my girlfriend anyway!” Ty began.

Then something happens that none of us were prepared for.

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