Plan A2

Fond climbed out of the shark tank, not a hair out of place.

Silvertoe summoned Claws, an 8 foot 3 inch giant with, well, claws for hands. Teamed with a midget named Paddywhack to find not so secret agent 008.

Flames Fond was boarding a jet ski when the villains spotted him and gave chase.

Claws dove into the water and Paddywhack paddled a canoe.

“So Slivertoe sends his toadies to do his dirty work I see, well give your fearful leader a message from Fond,” said Fond as he grabbed Paddywhack and started beating Claws about the head with his diminutive sidekick.

Whack, whack, the sound vibrated until Claws went underwater a third and final time. Followed by Paddywhack whom Fond tossed in behind Claws.

Meanwhile back at Silvertoes Evil Lair, Silvertoe was hatching a new diabolical plan. Plan A-2 .

“Gather round henchmen, goons and other assorted lackey’s, I’ve hatched a new plan, listen up. It involves weapons of mass destruction,” said Silvertoe.”What you say? We don’t have any WMD ’s? On to Plan A3.”

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