Scene From a Horror Flim

Thunder cracked, everything went dark.Great, she stated. No flash light, and my candles could be anywhere in one of a hundred boxes. Maybe it’s just a fuse,
feeling her way through the two hundred year old victorain house. Linda reached for the door knob two or three times before she found it.
She stepped out on to the porch, the street light’s were out. Stay here Dusty, she grabed a piece of bubble wrap and headed next door. Hopefully she could borrow a candle at least.
Nice enough, she thought, they gave her a candlelabra and matches.
Linda lite the candle’s, and looked around the room, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. I wish we were back in our apartment Dusty.
She took a deep breath and ripped the tape off the closest box. Dusty curled up in the chair to watch.
Thunder struck near the house, Dusty’s raised his head and looked at the stairs. Then sounds of glass breaking on the floor above her.Rolling her eye’s to the ceiling,
jus, like a scene right out of a horror flim, she thought.

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