The Post - Mortem High School Defence Squad

Rich walked into home room just before the bell. It was the 2nd week of his sophmore year at Price Fields High School, and the excitment of a new school year was dead and buried. Upon plopping down in his desk, Rich recieved a quick tap on his shoulder.

“Hey, that geometry test isn’t today is it?”

Rich turned to face Croy and ansewerd.

“Lemme guess, you didn’t study?”

“Dangit man! I have got to do good this year or they’ll kick me off the squad!”

“Croy-” Rich began in a whisper, ”- don’t talk about it! Besides, you have the best aim out of the 3 of us.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that!” Replied Croy, settleing back into his desk.

The 2 friends met again in 3rd period geometry, Croy reciteing last Friday’s equations. Mrs. Hall began to pass out the tests when she was interupted by the loud speaker.

“At this time we are experiancing a code 6”

Mrs. Hall rushed to lock the door, as Rich and Croy stood up on shakey legs. Mrs. Hall quickly unlocked the door and motioned for them to go.

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