Scene from a Horror Film: Do Not Go In There!

Dusty barked.
“Sshh, Dusty be quiet boy”, Linda said nervously.

The sound of the breaking glass from upstairs rattled her nerves. She knew she shouldn’t have watched Scream 7.

Maybe the sound of breaking glass was just her imagination, yeah thats it, thats all it was.

Were those footsteps she just heard. Slowly Linda crept toward the old creaky stairs , the borrowed candelabra in one hand, tape and bubble wrap in the other.

With each step Linda took ,her heart pounded louder and louder. She reached the top of the stairs. The door down the hall was closed. She knew she left it open, she had just put the boxes marked Jason’s Room in there only an hour ago, before the lights went out.
Walking down the hall, her shadow cast large upon the wall from the candelabra flame. Her hand now on the doorknob. Linda knew she should Not go in there. She turned the handle. She was about to open the door.

From downstairs Linda heard a crash, a shrill bark and then nothing.

“Dusty”, Linda cried .

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