The Post - Mortem High School Defense Squad 2

Rich and Croy were quickly rushed from the class room and into the empty hall, The door locked behind them. they stared down the hall, watching the rest of the classrooms doors close, and the lights in the windows flicked off. The only illumination came from the dirty tube lights on the ceiling, giving the stretch of gray tiles a yellowish tint. Croy began to repeat swear words under his breath as they quickly made there way to their lockers.

“Where are they!? Where’s Andrea?!” Panicked Croy.

“Calm down man, this is it, this is why we are here, we can do this.”

They were now half way down the hallway and in front of the only modern technology in the school. They put there thumbs on the scanners and the steel lockers popped open, revealing 2 belts equipped with pistols and clips of ammo. They clipped on the adjusted belts.

“Lets wait here for Andrea,” said Rich.

Croy nodded in agreement as he lodged a clip into his pistol. Quick footsteps echoed down the hall, and they turned to see Andrea.

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