shattering glass

Comeon Dusty.He didn’t move, some watch dog you are.
Linda picked up the candles shaking a little bit, swallowed and started up the stairs slowly, each step had it’s own creaking noise.
She stopped, Dusty, comon! Dusty walked behind her, what’s the matter with you?
She reached the top step.
The front door slammed, am I in the right house?
I didn’t know it’s so dark out.
Linda ran down and shoved the candle’s at Dave, something’s up stair’s.What?
We heard… something upstairs.
Linda, it’s an old house. It’s going to make noises.
Well is it gonna drink from your beer mugs too?
I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard break.
Dave took the candles, half way up the stairs,
Linda broke an ran, hitting Dave hard from behind.
Watch out, you tryin to kill me?
Just a little to dark down there for me.
He opened every door, checking every room on the way down the hall to his study/game room.
His hand reached for the knob, he heard the sound of shattering glass. He stopped, hold the candles Linda.

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