The Mermaid and Me

I had fallen over board.It was the last thing i remembered before I awoke on the beach.

I opened my eyes and I saw her, golden hair, blue eyes staring into mine. A seashell necklace in the shape of an M was around her thin neck. I hadn’t yet noticed the fishtail.

“H -how did I get here?”, I asked this vision before me.

“I saw you floating”, she said, her voice a melodic sound, like harps playing.
I had been drinking heavily, so i wasn’t sure if what I had seen and heard was real.

‘Are you a a”, I stammered.

“A Mermaid, yes I am a Mermaid, ” she answered, her voice still a sweet echo in my ears.

“What is your name?”, I asked.

“I am called Moroberbella”, she said.

She threw the necklace onto the beach and
waved goodbye and jumped into the ocean from which she had rescued me.
I raced in to get to her and hit my head on the rocks. When I later awoke on a Coast Guard boat, in my hand was a necklace with a seashell shaped M. I smiled and jumped back into the ocean.

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