We are infinite

Standing on the edge of the cliff, she thought, “This is it.” It was a great feeling. She had the love of her life standing next to her. He was all she ever needed. As they moved closer, she grabbed Jake’s hand nervously. The countdown began. “Okay, on the count of three you two will jump. The harness are on tight, so you two should be fine. It will go fast, believe me. Just breathe.” The bungee guy sounded so certain. Yet, she was petrified. Even with Jake there, so many things could go wrong. Before she could over analyze the situation, the guy screamed.
“One, two, three, jump!”
And they were off. With the wind blowing and the scenery flying by she knew at that moment no matter what happened they were infinite.
“Jane, can you hear me?” screamed Jake.
“Yes! How great is this?”
“Jane, will you marry me?”

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