pretending to like HIM

I didnt get what was happening. Sure, I realized that she began accompanying him down the hall. Talking to him more. I was happy for him, but I could tell he was changing. I just didn’t understand what was happening until I joined the pit orchestra of Peter Pan about 3 months later. Three months of irrepair.
He was funny he was a HILARIOUS Captain Hook. I blushed way too much, down there in the pit. He could see me. but hopefully he would dismiss the blushing.

After two four hour practices in the pit and with him prancing around stage I finally understood.

Charlie, in the midst of things, had been accepted into the popular group. The group with backstabbing best friends to get boyfriends. The bittersweet plastic smile group. Helen, in seeing that he was more popular than her, now, had realized her mistake in rejecting him, if she went out with him, she would become more popular. she then went around telling people that she sisnt want to date, nothing against Charlie, but she just didnt want to.

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