Writer's Block....

Writer’s block is always a problem. It handicaps your entry to the “most active authors” list. It keeps you in front of the computer all day, trying to type out 1,024 itty-bitty characters. And then you end up with some crap story that gets a one-star rating from the most generous of people. But the most annoying part is when you are one character away from ficlet nirvana. Which brings me to my next point.

Ficlet Nirvana. Something we all wish to acheive, yet rarely do. I have about four nirvanas myself. Four nirvanas, out of 67+ Ficlets. Pain in the butt. And then you start using all kinds of font alterations to try to reach Nirvana. And then you can’t finish it, and it takes forever to reach sixty ficlets. Which brings me to my NEXT point.

Ficlet numbers. I myself, I beleive this is my 67th ficlet. I am envious to no end about the ones with 100 ficlets. I have ficlets people have NEVER EVEN READ ! Wait, wait, let me regain composure. Okay. Just saying. Writer’s block… is always… a problem. Voila.

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