Come In

She had to leave. Things were no longer what they really were anymore. She saw things no one else did, things that no one else was supposed to see.

How could she cope with them? They hovered in the shadows, eyes gleaming, teeth bared, drawing darkness and light into their grip until their was nothing left.

They were nothing. They drew upon what existed to make them more powerful, and the most they could do was to take a human.

She fought hard for her friends, her family. But they were gone. The entire world was crumbling. And now, it was just him left. Nothing else mattered, right? As long as she had him- she had to have him with her. Without him, well, life wouldn’t be the same.

There would be no point to be alive. Yet, they drew closer, more daunting, more powerful.

“Get the door,” she mumbled to herself in a daze. They were outside. The rickety house wouldn’t hold them away for long. The blessed chalk powder and flashlights in every corner wouldn’t last forever.

No, they were coming.

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