cold,dark and empty

Dave jerked the door open, it was cold, dark and empty.
He rushed over raised the blinds and close the window.
There’s your ghost. He would have laugh but, his muggs from collage were gone.
The blinds had knocked his cheap set of beer steins off the table, the wooden floor was soaking wet and littered with broken glass.
I’ll find some towels, Linda took a candle, and march off down the hall.

The rain was comming down even harder, thunder and lightening was so close to the house.The wind had picked up, the trees limbs were thrashing against the windows, and the house.
Just like in that movie the “Amityville Horror” , the night he killed his whole family.Goose bumps covered her arms.That was supposed to be a ture story and here on “Long Island”.

The light’s flickered and went back out again.Oh come on she yelled.She turned and noticed something moving in the bathroom, behind the footed tub. She squitted and move closer, Dusty what are you doing back there?
Let’s see what’s bac, Dave !

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