Not Enough Words that Could Matter

In the waiting room, Lily began pacing back and forth. She did not want to hear the news. She refused to look anywhere except at her feet. These were the hardest hours of her life. She could not deal with more pain. If this was really it, what more was there? This pain would be unbearable.
“Hello, are you Miss Fourthemore?”
Lily was forced to look up.
“Y-yes,” she whispered quietly.
“Luke is stable, but in poor condition. You can see him now, but be gentle.”
As the doctor disappeared, Lily stood hesitantly. What could she say that would matter? I love you couldn’t possible amount to everything she was feeling.
As she approached, Luke grabbed her hand. He was so cold. They locked eyes, but he was so badly broken it was hard to recogonize that he was once a beautiful person.
Lily went to say something, but he let go. He was gone.Thats when she heard the most important lyrics of her life,”Love is watching someone die.” There was nothing she could do now, but let him go.

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