Below the Great Tree

The soldier fell through an eerie darkness for what seemed like an eternity. He fell to the ground with a thud. He got up and dusted off his pants before he looked around.

Huge trees surrounded him, a path formed between them. Off in the distance he could hear the bubbling of a stream, which lead to a clear blue lake. He looked past the trees to see walls of earth reaching into the mysteriuos dark sky.

He followed the path, not knowing where to go. After a few moments he could see cozy cottages ahead. He raced towards them.

He heard a rustling sound in the bushes behind him and turned quickly, his heart pounding.

“Who’s there?” he tried to sound brave.

The bushes rustled again as a chocolate colored girl slide out as if she were part of the bushes herself. Her long black hair blew in the light breeze. She wore a short dress made out of leaves as if she were from a fairytale. Vines wrapped up her leg to form shoes.

“Who are you?” the soldier asked in wonder.

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