Infinity never Lasts Long

Jane’s heart stopped. Not because of the heights, but because she was caught off guard. Never did she think she would be proposed to while bungee jumping. She waited her whole life to be proposed to and Jake does it where she can’t even think straight. She never felt trapped; now with infinite amount of air and land, she felt suffocated.
“Jane, Jane…” She could hardly hear him. Her mind was running. She thought she would instantly say yes when he asked. she pictured a romantic evening. He ruined it. Instead, now they were tied to a rope with harnesses. There were no roses or orchestra. No, the birds weren’t even singing.
As they hit ground, Jane turned to Jake, but he spoke first.
“Jane, please say yes. I love you with all my heart. I know i ruined your fanasty, but you are mine. It shouldnt matter where I do it or what I say. It should matter because I said it.”
Jane cried. What did expectations matter any way? Like he said, it was just a fanasty.
“Yes, Jake yes.”

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