A large shard of glass was deeply embedded in her left arm. It hung limply at her side, painfully swaying with every slow, deliberate step she took. Thin streams of blood flowed down the length of her arm, which made contact with her filthy shirt every once in awhile, leaving a great burgundy splotch on her side. Her head was cocked slightly to the right. Mud-caked strands of red hair obscured most of her face but her piercing blue eyes could be seen as clear and cold as a sunny winter morning. Her pale thin lips opened and closed quickly, releasing a silent stream of twisted and complicated words. The fingers of her ring hand, each bedecked with a variety of shimmering stones, twitched and grasped at the air awkwardly. Mid-step she came to a halt, pivoting her rather long neck around in an almost inhuman way. The blinding sun obscured her already pale flesh into sheer white. The glimmering stones and glittering eyes was the last thing he saw.

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