Come What May, Pt. 49

When our kiss ends, Oliver blushes, and looks me in the eyes. “That felt so right, Dream. Please kiss me again.” I grin and kiss him.

We walk back to the hotel a few minutes later, soaked from the rain. I steal a shirt and some thin shorts of his, and duck into his bathroom to slip out of my wet clothes and into his shirt. I won’t risk changing in the room with him. Because he is so slim, I only have to fold the waistband of the shorts once for them to stay up on my hips.

I walk back out while he is changing into another pair of shorts. As he goes to put on a t-shirt, I snatch it from him, and I wrap my arms around his warm, toned torso. I kiss his shoulder blade and the back of his neck. He turns to face me, kissing me again. It feels so good to kiss him like this, I think to myself. After a few minutes, he pulls away from our kiss, and runs his fingers through my damp curly hair. “Are you sleeping in here with me, or with Peter?â€? he asks.

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