Come What May, Pt. 50

I know that I can’t stay in this room with him tonight. I know that if I do, something is bound to happen. It’s not something that I mind…but I know it would only complicate things even more than they already are. I’m not ready to take things to that level with Oliver yet. “I’m going to spend a few more hours in here, and then I’m going to go back in the room with Peter.â€?

Oliver nods understandably. I kiss him again, and I lie back on his bed. He lies down beside me, and then he props himself up on his elbow. Oliver trails a finger down my flat, defined stomach. “We’re wrong for this, Dream, but this feels right. It really does.â€? “I know Ollie. I don’t want to hurt Peter, but I also don’t want to detach myself from you for more than two seconds,â€? I say, giggling. He puts an arm around me and kisses my forehead. He looks a bit tired himself. A few minutes later he falls asleep. I kiss him once more, and then I quietly leave his room and return to my sleeping boyfriend.

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