Crossing Ficlets #3: TinyTina909 and Crewman Thirteen

I looked at him, unsure of how this would help get rid of my stalker problem. In fact, his acne-ridden face and sub-par looks made me think he would be a perfect match for the title. He was even at a computer 24/7, after all!

Suddenly, a boy popped into my vision off an idle computer screen. “Tina, just because he looks like a bored nerd with nothing to do other than stalking girls, that doesn’t mean he is one.”

“Oh, what do you know?” I said loudly.

Crewman Thirteen turned around. “Hm?”

I sighed. This had happened a couple times since my alter-ego entered my life. I would say something presumably to no particular person, and everyone else would think I was crazy. Then again, how was I sure I wasn’t?

He looked at me. “Er, Tina, is it? I think I might be getting close to the source of your stalker problem. You see, all I have to do is access a few databases, hack into these files of yours—”

“You get off of there!” I shrieked. No one gets into my online collection of Hello Kitty.

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