Come What May, Pt. 51

I wake up the next morning to find Peter facing me in bed, looking at me. “Good morning, my loveâ€? he says, still sounding really tired. His sleeping pills haven’t worn off completely, but we have to wake up early. “Good morning, babyâ€?, I say, smiling. He raises an eyebrow as his gaze falls onto the shirt I’m wearing. “Is that Ollie’s shirt?â€? I try not to betray my panic as I scramble to think of an excuse. I may as well tell him the truth…at least part of it. “Yeah, we went for a walk in the rain last night. We got soaked, so I had to borrow one of his shirts,â€? I answer in a nonchalant tone.

Peter laughs. “That’s funny. Ollie hates rain. Only you could get him to walk willingly in it. He adores you, you know?” I laugh nervously. If only he knew just how much Oliver adores me.

An hour later we are packing, as we’re supposed to be leaving Amsterdam in a few hours. When I’m all packed and dressed, I peck Peter on his cheek, and I walk down to Oliver’s room.

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