Come What May, Pt. 52

I kick at Oliver’s door with the tip of my boots until he cracks it open. He sees me, and a wide grin appears on his face as he opens his door. As soon as the door is shut, I leap onto Oliver, knocking him off balance and causing us both to go crashing to the floor. Laughing, we roll around on the carpet.

Oliver kisses me lightly. “Well woman, you’ve manage to distract me from my packing. Make it up to me by helping me finish up, please.â€? I pick myself up out of the floor, and extend a hand to help him up. I sit on his bed and fold up some of his shirts. “You know Ollie, this reminds me of something.â€? “What, the t-shirt you’re holding?â€? he says, putting on a black button down, ruffled blouse, nearly the same as my own. “No silly. Us.â€? He sighs happily. “I love that word, us. Anyways, go on.â€?

“Well, there was this king and queen who lived like four centuries ago, and the king had this mistress who he was really devoted to…”

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